Coastal Association Homewatch was created at the request of our clients who needed professional attention to their vacation and second homes while they were away. While home sitting can meet some homeowners’ needs, our professional home management service not only helps you feel secure your home is being watched while you are away, but ensures its pristine condition when you return to enjoy it.

At Coastal Association Homewatch, we’ve designed a detailed and thorough inspection list that allows us to scrutinize homes both indoors and out. After completing our inspection, we immediately report any potential problems and can help you coordinate and oversee remedial action asap. Licensed, bonded and insured ourselves, we make sure our pre-screened service providers have the highest professional credentials.

When your house is regularly inspected, small home management issues stay small, and sometimes our intervention makes professional repair unnecessary. Even when there are no concerns to relay, each property inspection comes with photographs and a detailed inspection report.

We offer more than vacation home care. Because homes can be as unique as their owners, we also offer specialized services. Contact us for a custom quote on all our services. We look forward to hearing from you. Call or email today!


  • Visual inspection of property
  • Inspection after major storms
  • Inspection for mold and water leaks
  • Inspect security of all doors and windows
  • Run all faucets and toilets
  • Check fuse/circuit breakers for signs of surge
  • Remove newspapers, flyers and debris
  • Supervision of cleaning services
  • Keep a watchful eye on your property
  • Check A/C and change filters
  • Visual inspection for insect intrusion


  • Start and idle vehicles
  • Appliance operation (dishwasher, washer, dryer)
  • Overseeing of service contractors
  • Check and replace smoke detector batteries
  • Home openings and closings
  • Cleaning services
  • Handyman services
  • Hurricane shutter installation
  • Custom services for your unique needs